Walk Across the Room
Series 2012


The Open Door
September 30

Pastor Tim completes this series with a message about how to help someone make a decision for Christ. Key verses are Colossians 4:2-6.

Sharing Your Story
September 23

Using Paul's testimony before Agrippa, Pastor Tim teaches us some things to do (and not do) so we can share our God story in a clear and consice way. Key verses are Acts 26:2-29 and John 9:1-42.

Seed Throwers
September 16

What kind of farmer throws seed where it definitely won't grow?! Pastor Tim tells us that's the kind of Sower we see in Jesus, preaching to everyone regardless of their 'soil quality.' That's how He wants us to be faithful to share with others: allowing God to be in control of their 'soil' responds to the 'seed.' Key verses are Mark 4:1-20.

Reaching Our Community for Christ
September 9

Pastor Tim begins a new series with this message about understanding evangelism as simply living out our faith and simply obeying when Jesus tells us to walk across the room and have a conversation with someone.