The Last Week
Series 2013


Faith and Doubt
April 7

Through the story of "Doubting" Thomas, Pastor Tim encourages us to trust and obey God even when--not if, but when--we find ourselves doubting.

The Immensity of Grace
March 31

On this Easter Sunday, Pastor Tim preaches from John 19:30 to help us all understand and experience something we can easily underestimate: God's grace.

The Holy Spirit
March 17

Pastor Aaron continues this series with this message on the Holy Spirit (including an analogy that may have temporarily boosted Nabisco profits in the Ontario area).

Missional Disciples
March 10

As we examine John 17:13-19, Pastor Tim points out how Jesus' prayer for his disciples also calls us to evangelism.

Click here to watch the video shown during the service (not included in the recording due to copyright restrictions). 

Keeping Your Eyes on...
March 3

When the "fog" of life closes in and you can't see what's ahead, what or Who you're focusing on can make all the difference. Key verses are John 14:1-14.

Heart of a Servant
February 24

We continue our series with John 13:1-17. In order to live as Jesus lived, we must have the heart of a servant.

The Imitation of Christ
February 17

Pastor Tim reminds us of Jesus' call to discipleship, which is really a call to die to ourselves. Key verses are John 12:20-26.