The Game of Life
Series 2012


Leaving a Legacy
March 4

Pastor Tim concludes the Game of Life series with this message about living intentionally so that our lives honor God, highlighting important moments in the history of Ontario First. Key verses are 1 Kings 2:1-10 and Psalm 78:1-8. Out of respect for the individuals mentioned, this sermon is not available online, but you can request a copy through the church office.

Fire Hoses and Perfume Bottles
February 26

Let's face it: conflicts happen, even in the community of faith. But reconciliation is important to God, and forgiveness is one of His specialties. Pastor Tim shares how to deal with conflict and forgiveness within the church. Key verses are Matthew 5:23-24 and 18:15-35.

What Will Make You Happy?
February 19

Pastor Tim defines happiness and contentment and gives seven ways that we can be truly happy in Christ. Key verses from Philippians 4:10-13.

February 12

Pastor Tim speaks from Deuteronomy 8 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5 about the importance of remembering that everything is God's, not ours. Giving isn't about wealth, it's about gratefulness.

It Takes a Church
February 5

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child," but Pastor Tim proposes that it takes a church to raise a child, and he gives three ways that we--as parents and as a church--can disciple our families. Key verses come from Deuteronomy chapter 6.

Becoming a World-Class Church
January 29

Due to technical difficulties, this sermon is not available online.

Ingredients for Lifelong Marriage
January 15

Based on "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts" by Les & Leslie Parrot, Pastor Tim speaks on applying God's love to our marriages through the three ingredients, or sides of a triangle: passion--the motivational side, intimacy--the emotional side, and commitment--the cognitive side. Key verses are 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.

Labor Disputes
January 8

Pastor Tim begins a new series based on the theme of living life in such a way that we honor God. This first sermon centers around the idea that every job--whether we have a career, are job-seeking, or are retired--has honor when we're willing to do it for the King. Key verses are Colossians 3:17 and 3:22-4:1, and Ecclesiastes 5:18-20.