The (BE)Attitudes

Sermon Series Fall 2015

Be My Eyes
January 24, 2016

This message looks at a challenge Jesus gives thos first disciples: to be Salt and Light to the world

Scripture reference:  Matthew 5:13-16


Because of Me
January 10, 2016

This message brings us to awareness, understanding and identifying with the persecuted church.

Scripture reference:  Matthew 5:10-12


Treasured Possessions
November 8, 2015

The sermon takes a look at how to be a bridge-builder of peace and reconciliation.  Key verses come from Matthew 5:9 and Romans 12:1-6, 9-18


Pure in Heart
November 1, 2015

Key verses come from Matthew 5:8 and Matthew 15:1-20 

Breaking Chains
October 25, 2015

The idea of giving and receiving mercy. Key verses come from Matthew 5:7 and Matthew 9:9-13.

More Bacon Please
October 18, 2015

Are you longing for more of God?  Key verses come from Matthew 5:6.

The Powerfully Meek
October 11, 2015

Being controlled by God’s Spirit effects the way we see and treat people. Key verses come from Matthew 5:5 and Psalm 37.

Sacred Paradox
October 4, 2015

A focus on the first two beatitudes of poor in spirit and those who mourn. Key verses come from Matthew 5:3-4.

The Right-side up Kingdom in an Upside-down World
September 27, 2015

To grasp the Sermon on the Mount, we must understand the Kingdom of Heaven/God that Jesus is declaring has arrived and understand what that means for our lives. Key verses in this introductory sermon come from Matthew 4:17 and Matthew 5:1-2.