• Volleyball

    Leaders: Kristy M. & Pastor Eddie
    Days: Every Thursday night, June - August
    Time: 7:30pm
    Location: in the OFCN gym

    Volleyball for teens and adults.

  • Mexican Lunch w/ Pastor Eddie

    Leader: Pastor Eddie
    Days: Tuesdays, June 6, 13, 20, 27; July 11, 18, 25
    Time: Noon
    Location: TBD

    Meet Pastor Eddie at the church and enjoy Mexican lunches around Ontario! You'll have to pay for your own meal, but the experience will be priceless!

  • Coffee w/ Pastor Kim

    Leader: Pastor Kim
    Days: Wednesdays, June 7 & 28; July 12 & 26
    Time: 9:00am
    Location: Jolts & Juice

    If you love coffee or Pastor Kim, meet him at Jolts & Juice, downtown Ontario, to get caffeinated and enjoy great conversation.

  • 2nd Saturday Dinner

    Leaders: Terry & Martha P.
    Days: June 10; July 8; August 12
    Time: 6:30-9:00pm
    Location: New Plymouth

    Enjoy great food and fellowship at the home of Terry & Martha!

  • Great Owyhee Ride

    Leader: Kevin G.
    Days Saturday, June 10
    Times: various start times
    Location: Ontario

    The Great Owyhee Ride Against Hunger starts at the Historic Ontario Train Depot and winds its way up through scenic rural Oregon. There are 30 mile, 50 mile and 100 mile rides. To sign up, go to http://www.active.com.

  • 2nd Sunday Softball

    Leader: Don L.
    Days: Sundays, June 11, July 9, August 13
    Time: 1:00pm
    Location: Field of Dreams Ball Field

    Join other families after church for outdoor fun at the softball field (west lawn, behind the church). Bring your lunch and picnic on the grounds or go eat and come back. You can also come and cheer on the teams.

  • Backcountry ATV Trip 1

    Leader: Duane G.
    Day: Thursday, June 15
    Time: TBD
    Location: see below

    Meet at the church and travel to start point for a day trip to Hat Point (near Imnaha,OR). A fire lookout overlooks Hells Canyon and offers a spectacular view of the Seven Devils Mountain. Accessible by HCVs; ATVs preferred.

  • Paddle Boarding & More

    Leader: Dean C.
    Day: Friday, June 16
    Time: 3:30pm
    Location: see below

    Meet at the church then car pool to Idaho River Sports in Boise where you can paddle board or kayak. Afterwards, enjoy supper together at Fanci Freeze followed by Goody's for ice cream and live music! Our own Pastor Eddie will be the drummer in the band.

  • Men & Teen Boys ATV Day Trip

    Leader: Duane G.
    Day: Saturday, June 17th

    For more information on this event, contact Duane G.

  • Kickball & Kiwi Loco

    Leaders: Dean, Jennifer & James C.
    Days: June 23 & July 7
    Time: 7:00pm
    Location: Field of Dreams behind the church

    Join Dean, Jennifer and James for some family kickball fun followed by desert at Kiwi Loco.

  • Pre-service Connect

    Leader: the Donut Guy
    Days: Sundays, June 25 & July 30
    Time: 9:30-10:00am
    Location: see below

    June-August worship services change to one service beginning June 4th. Come early on June 25th and July 30th for donuts in the Nicholson Commons (atrium) and connect with friends.

  • June Family Night

    Leader: Shannon C.
    Day: June 26
    Time: 7:00pm
    Location: Kiwi Loco

    Bring the family and let's do Sundaes on Monday at Kiwi Loco.

  • Goody's

    Leader: Andy C.
    Day: Friday, June 30
    Time: 6:00pm
    Location: Meet at the church

    Car pool to Goody's in Boise for ice cream and live music. Pastor Eddie will be the drummer in the band.

  • Fire Pit Fellowship

    Leaders: Doug & Karen L.
    Days: June 28 & July 26
    Time: 8:00pm
    Location: Payette

    Bring your own hot dogs and buns but s'mores ingredients and fellowship will be provided.

  • Backcountry ATV Trip #2

    Leader: Duane G.
    Days: July 9-11
    Time: TBD
    Location: see below

    Travel to Huckleberry campground (ID) for overnight camping. On Monday, head to Black Lake at the southern end of the Seven Devils Mountains. This trip offers spectacular views of the magnificent country. The campground is accessible to pickups and trailers over a gravel road. Black Lake is accessible to HCVs; ATVs preferred.

  • Family Camp

    Leaders: Rory & Shannon K.  
    Days: July 14-16
    Time: TBD
    Location: Ponderosa State Park, McCall

    There are 3 sites still available. The $90 cost includes 2 meals. Email ofcncamp@gmail.com to reserve one fo the sites. If you can't come for the weekend, come up for one day. Eat with the family for a small cost. Meat, plates, utensils and beverages are furnished. Bring a salad or dessert to share. There will be a baptism service Saturday.

  • ATV Day Trip at Family Camp

    Leader: Duane G.
    Day: Saturday, July 15
    Time: TBD
    Location: see below

    Enjoy a day trip from north of Burgdorf, over French Creek grade to the Salmon River at Family Camp. Accessible to HCVs; ATVs preferred.

  • Family Hike at Family Camp

    Leaders: Dean, Jennifer & James C.
    Day: Saturday, July 15
    Time: TBD
    Location: Ponderosa State Park

    Join Dean, Jennifer and James at Family Camp for a fun day hike.

  • Backcountry ATV Trip #3

    Leader: Duane G.
    Days: July 26-29
    Time: TBD
    Location: see below

    Stay at a campground outside of Featherville, ID (pending current flood damage). Sites available for RVs, campers, or tents. Take one day trip to Trinity Lakes and Trinity Mountain lookout and another day trip to Atlanta, an old mining town. Accessible by HCVs; ATVs preferred.

  • Backcountry ATV Trip #4

    Leader: Duane G.
    Days: August 3-6
    Time: TBD
    Location: see below

    Travel from Yellow Pine, thru Big Creek, to the southfork of the Salmon River. Camp overnight and return to Yellow Pine. This is an 80 mile trip each day over good mountain roads with beautiful views of Idaho's back country. Accessible by HCV; ATVs preferred. The road is paved to within 20 miles of Yellow Pine.

  • August Family Night

    Leaders: Aaron & Kate L.
    Day: Friday, August 11
    Time: 6:30pm
    Location: OFCN Field of Dreams

    Family Water Wars! Come for some slip-n-slide fun and other water games.

  • Eclipse Day

    Leader: Dave H.
    Day: August 21
    Time: TBD
    Location: Cold Springs campground

    Meet at Cold Springs campground north of Mann Creek reservoir, then to the top of Sturgis Mountain to experience the eclipse.