• Saturday Breakfast

    Leaders: Steve & Sharon C./ Jim & Mavis S.
    Days: Saturdays in June, July & August
    Time: 9:00am
    Location: Country Kitchen in Ontario

    Buy your own breakfast, but the fellowship is free!


  • Backyard Coffee

    Leaders: Jim & Mavis S.
    Day: Saturday, July 8
    Time: 10:00am
    Location: the home of Jim & Mavis

    Enjoy fellowship and coffee in Jim & Mavis's beautiful backyard.


  • Senior Luncheon

    Leaders: Marvin & Genie N.
    Days: June 8; July 13; August 10
    Time: Noon-1:00pm
    Location: Scott Conference Room, 211.

    Join this great group of senior adults at their monthly potluck luncheon. Bring food to share and enjoy time spent together in fellowship.