• Wednesday Groups

  • Children's Quizzing

    Children in grades 1-6 will learn stories, memorize scripture verses, play games, and attend district quiz meets while studying the book of Matthew. What a great opportunity for an in-depth study of God's Word.

    Leader: Kathy C.

    Location: Room 216

    Time: 5:30pm

    Meets: (Sept-March)

  • Celebrate Recovery

    This is where the healing begins!

    Discover the truth about the hurts, habits and hang-ups that have kept you in bondage.

    The Journey Beings for any who desire to find out the why that keep you form being how you are in Christ. Open to all who have not been in a step study before or have and would like to explore more.

    The Journey Continues with principles based on the Beatitudes with a reater focus using Celebrate Recovery's newest resources. This open to those who complted The Journey Begins in the last year.

    "If the truth sets you free, then a lie will restrict you. Truth empowers you out of bondage."

    These are groups for women only.

    Leaders: Suzie R. & Nell S.

    Location: OFCN

    Time: 6:30pm

    Meets: (Sept-May)

  • Kid's Discipleship Adventure

    It is never too early for children to learn discipleship and the value of small groups. Age group activities for children age 4 through grade 6.

    Leader: Pastor Connie
    Location: Children's Worship Center
    Time: 6:45pm
    Meets: weekly from Sept-May

  • The Edge

    A high energy, exciting and fun night where Jr. High and High school students participate in games, hear a message designed for their culture, and participate in small group discussions with other students their age.

    Leader: Pastor Kim

    Location: Expedition Room

    Time: 6:45pm

    Meets: (Sept-May)

  • Purpose

    An 8-week Foundations group that explores how God created us individually and how we can discover our personal purpose. 

    Leaders: Pastor Tim Brewer & Mavis S. 

    Location: TBD
    Time: 6:45-8:00pm
    Meets: weekly

  • Prayer

    Adults are invited to come pray over requests given through the Prayer Boxes and weekly requests.

    Leader: Marvin N.

    Location: Scott Conference Room, 211.

    Time: 6:45pm

    Meets: Sept - May

  • Coffee Talk

    Join this group of parents as they connect with one another and just "talk" about a subject each week. Our main purpose is to connect with each other and pray for our kids.

    Leaders: Aaron & Kate L.

    Location: Sanner Center, Room 210
    Time: 6:45pm

    Meets: weekly

  • Reading the Word for Life Change

    Join Pastor Tim for a study of the scripture passage from Sunday's sermon in order to allow the message to go deeper into shaping our hearts and lives.

    Leader: Pastor Tim

    Location: the Sanctuary

    Time: 6:45pm

    Meets: weekly