Weekend Worship

At OFCN, we believe that worship is a lifestyle that is built on a deep love for God and his plan for our lives. It is not something that happens only on Sundays. We can worship God in our cars, homes, or places of employment. We can worship him alone or corporately. Worship is giving God the honor He deserves. We do this as individuals daily. We do this as a congregation at weekend worship.

Every week the people of OFCN gather to participate in weekend worship. As you join us in weekend worship, you will find there are five acts of worship that are a part of every weekend worship service at OFCN. They are: Bible teaching, Prayer, Generosity, Praise, and Community.

Community: Before, after, and at a designated time during the service, you will have the opportunity to meet and greet fellow attendees of OFCN.

Generosity: At some point during the service everyone is given the opportunity to respond through the giving of tithes and offerings.

Prayer: Several times during the service all attendees are given the opportunity to engage in prayer.

Praise: We join together in song to praise God.

Bible teaching: Each week we hear a message prepared in advance for this day.

These are the elements, acts, or movements that make up our weekend worship experience at OFCN. As you participate in these acts it is our prayer that you will truly be able to worship God in “spirit and in truth”. (John 14:23-24)