• Tuesday Groups

  • Single Sisters

    This on-going group of single women meet for lunch, devotions, prayer and fellowship.

    Leader: Barbara A.

    Location: varies (1st of the month at the Plaza Inn)

    Time: 1:00pm

    Meets: 1st & 3rd of the month

  • Beyond the Edge

    Beyond the Edge p.m. provides students an opportunity to share with each other what God is doing in their lives. 

    Leader: Pastor Kim Glenn

    Location: Jolts n' Juice

    Time: 4:00pm

    Meets: weekly

  • Men's Bible Study

    In this DVD driven group for men, Dr. David Jeremiah offers insight to key questions about the uncertainties of the present and God's promises for the future. 

    Leader: Jim S. 

    Location: Sanner Center Room 210

    Time: 6:30pm

    Meets: weekly

  • Tuesday Bible Study

    Legacy: How One Ordinary Life Can Make Eternal Difference

    A legacy is what lives beyond you; a story you are writing daily. People of legacy understand that our victories impact countless others, including those yet to be born. We ca be legacy-building leaders, using our gifts and strengths in His service. Cost for the workbook is $16.

    Leader: Karyn G. 

    Location: Scott Conference Room 211

    Time: 9:00am OR 6:30pm

    Meets: weekly