• Tuesday Groups

  • Lunch Buddies

    This on-going group of widowed and single women meet for lunch, devotions, prayer and fellowship.

    Leader: Barbara A.

    Location: varies (1st of the month at the Plaza Inn)

    Time: 1:00pm

    Meets: 1st & 3rd of the month

  • Tuesday Life Group/Bible Study

    Job: A Story of Unlikely Joy

    How is it possible to hold onto joy in times of sorrow? In this Bible Study, Lisa Harper uses Job's life to teach how to view sorrow as a way to strengthen your faith, point others to Jesus, and trust in the Lord.  

    Leader: Karyn G.

    Location: Scott Conference Room 211

    Time: 9:00am or 6:30pm

    Meets: Registration begins March 3rd, classes begin March 5th

  • Men's Bible Study


    You were not made to live in disappointment, disillusionment, and defeat; God has given the tools to live a life defined not by trials but by victories. 

    Leader: Jim S. 

    Location: Scott Conference Room 211

    Time: 6:30pm

    Meets: weekly