Upward FAQ's

How much is Upward?

Registration is $60 for basketball and $65 for cheer leading

Early registration is discounted at $50 and $55, respectively

Early registration deadline is October 31st

How do I sign up?

Online at this link or via paper registration

Paper registrations must be returned to the church office

When are evaluations?

Evaluations/Orientation for children Kindergarten-3rd Grade, November 3 5-7PM

Evaluations/Orientation for children 4th-6th Grade, November 4 5-7PM

How often are practices?

Every team practices once a week starting the week of January 9.

Games are only on Saturdays, starting January 28.

How long is a practice session?

One hour

How long are games?

One hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

How long is the season?

The season starts January 9th with practices and the last game is March 13th.

The End of the Season Celebration is March 13th his year

How are teams decided?

Teams are built from the data we receive from each participant at evaluations. The information is put into a computer program that creates teams based on the evaluation scores. Teams are then drafted to have even or close to even Team Scores.

The process is objective and equal.

The process is why it is so important every player goes through the evaluations.

Can I request a team?


We do place participants on their parent's team, if a parent is coaching.

Can I request a car pool connection?

We cannot honor car pool connections.

Can I request a friend?

No. It is nearly impossible for us to honor equal teams and guarantee friend requests.

What if I cannot pay the full registration?

First thing is to register during early registration for the discount.

Next, we can work out payment plans.

Last, if there is a need, scholarships are available. Forms to apply for a scholarship are available from the office.

Can I coach my child?

We have three things that we require of all our head coaches:

Must complete a Criminal Background Check

Must complete application process (application)

Must attend a Coach Training Session

Some of our parents become Assistant Coaches

Must complete a Criminal Background Check

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to email us at upward@ontariofirst.org